Finding Our Groove at The Quirk’s Event

vinylI was recently explaining the idea of an in-home interview to my husband. “You would never let someone into the house!” he replied, knowing that I would be skeptical, at best, if invited to participate in one. However, I would agree to participate in this type of immersive research. Even though I am unabashedly, undeniably and thoroughly biased, I believe that helps me understand why some of the busiest professionals working in some of the most sensitive and regulated industries agree to do the same.

Yes, financial advisors are busy. Yes, doctors have to be careful about what they say and share. Yet both are willing to meet with us at their offices and talk for rather lengthy periods of time. There are certain industries—financial services and healthcare being two prominent examples—where compliance concerns, traditional thinking and precedent can falsely limit the qualitative method possibilities.

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Embarking on a Consumer Journey at The #QuirksEvent

quirks-event-logoMarket Strategies has spent a lot of time researching ways to illuminate the Consumer Journey. It has been a fun ‘journey’ for us as researchers, as it challenges us to think about different ways to bring the consumer to life. To us, this phrase means understanding the consumer in as many ways and in as much detail as possible–particularly important when something as complex as a Consumer Journey can lead to loyalty or switching behavior.

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