All iWant: Putting iPhone 7 Rumors to the Test

Putting iPhone 7 Rumors to the Test

This summer has seen no shortage of analyst reports of what the soon-to-be-released iPhone 7 will look like and what features it will (and will not) possess. Continuing what has become an annual frenzy of leaks and predictions, rumors are flying about its multiple screen sizes, memory capacity, camera quality, headphone jack and water resistance. Most notably, some speculate that there may not be any dramatic changes at all as Apple waits for 2017 to release a world-changing 10th anniversary iPhone 8.

Market Strategies International decided to put all these rumors to the test to find out which ones really resonate with consumers and which do not. We asked more than 1,100 consumers about their current phones and preferences among the most frequently rumored iPhone 7 features, including:

Screen features
  • Larger screen
  • Smaller screen
  • Curved screen
  • Wraparound screen
  • Better screen quality/resolution
Memory/Storage features
  • More memory (the latest iPhones have 2GB RAM)
  • More storage space (the latest iPhones have a maximum of 128GB)
  • Expandable storage capacity
Internal features
  • Faster processors
  • Electronic SIM chip
  • Longer-lasting battery
  • Wireless charging
External features
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • Waterproof
  • Two speakers (the latest iPhones only have one)
  • Different color options
  • Higher quality camera
Other features
  • USB connector (Micro USB or USB Type-C)
  • Available stylus/pen
  • No headphone jack (the latest iPhones have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack)
  • Virtual reality headset

 Who Wants to Buy the iPhone 7?

Several of the findings are quite intriguing and have significant implications for telecom leaders. One thing is for sure: The difference in iPhone 7 needs and wants varies greatly based on customers’ current make and model, wireless carrier and brand loyalty. Understanding who these customers are and what differentiates their interests in upgrading to the iPhone 7 is of paramount importance when developing messaging campaigns, forecasts and product roadmaps. In our report, iPhone 7 Market Landscaper, we explore these differences and provide the data telecom leaders need to optimize their marketing plans. Download iPhone 7 Market Landscaper now or contact Greg Mishkin, vice president of Market Strategies’ Telecommunications division for more information.

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It’s Hip to be Square

I read a thought-provoking little blog post at Wired about Square and how it promotes customer acquisition and loyalty in a very different way than does Groupon or Google Wallet.  (Post can be found here: I have to admit that I don’t yet get Square. What is that little thing and what, if any, meaningful impact will it have on shopping?

We’ve been talking here at work for a while about mobile payments and debating about whether hardware innovations (e.g., NFC) or software/service innovations (e.g., cloud-based account) are more likely to cause a paradigm shift in shopping. Square takes this debate in an interesting direction. There’s definitely a hardware component, but it doesn’t require a huge hardware infrastructure change in the way NFC solutions do. Instead of seeming appropriate for large retailers that can invest in big infrastructure, Square seems small business-friendly. It feels like it’s been developed by and for the Etsy crowd—independent business owners who want to accept payments and develop customer loyalty in a way that’s easy, thrifty, and (dare I say) hip.

I will be taking a closer look at Square to see exactly what is the value proposition, the cost of entry and the incentives to adopt for merchant and for consumer. Beyond the uses for merchants large and small, does it make sense as a fundraising/collecting tool? Does it make sense as a P2P money collecting tool for individuals? Does it make sense as a tool I can use to collect funds from those in the March Madness pool? Consider me intrigued… (Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks nifty when connected to my shiny new iPhone 4S.)