Justin Sutton

About Justin Sutton

Justin is a senior director of research and consulting in the qualitative group. He has over 10 years of market research experience conducting both qualitative and innovation projects. He has a background in qualitative design and execution, new product and service ideation, service marketing, promotional planning, and developing packaging and messaging concepts. Justin’s experience spans multiple industry groups, including energy, technology, healthcare, CPG, automotive, and others. He has conducted hundreds of qualitative focus groups, depth interviews, on-site interviews, and online discussions. Justin loves helping clients address their objectives by delivering actionable insights and implications specific to their business situations. Justin holds a BBA with a concentration in marketing from Texas Christian University. Once a Vegas stage performer, Justin has since moved on to spend his spare time on home-improvement projects and experiencing the world with his two kiddos. Meet the Moderator

Aligning for Success: Innovating with Clear Eyes

Aligning for Success: Innovating with Clear EyesIt’s common for qualitative research practitioners to cast a wide net to ensure no insight is left unconsidered, and many apply the same logic to their innovation efforts, aiming for the big, blue sky with the hopes of capturing a new, game-changing idea. In practice, however, I’ve seen this approach to innovation not only produce incremental or non-actionable results, but also shelve some of the best ideas to collecting dust. To find success in innovation, it’s important to act deliberately and remain cognizant about where you want (and don’t want) to go. Continue reading