Millennials & Social Media [Infographic]

2014-06-millennialsStill wondering how to talk to Millennials? Unfortunately, this is not parental advice! However, if your brand needs to understand more about what to say, where to say it and where to listen to Millennials, read on!

At Market Strategies International, we make it a habit to listen closely to our clients to find out what’s on their minds and to help answer the questions that are keeping them awake at night. As marketing and brand teams embark on their strategic planning process for 2015, many clients have asked us to provide best practices for targeting and connecting with the largest generation in American history. Marketers say they want more factual research on communication with Millennials, including guidance on tone and content. So we set out to find some answers in our recent study, “Marketing to Millennials.” We are often told that Millennials think and act differently from other generations, and we wanted to find out if this was indeed the case and, if so, in what ways.

In this first installment of our findings, we are focusing on communicating via social media. Our research reveals that Millennial shoppers trust social media more than do other generations but are diversifying beyond Facebook. In fact, we’ve discovered that YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms play specific roles in how Millennials research products and build brand relationships. See our infographic…

Millennials Infographic

This study does indeed provide concrete and actionable information to brand marketers on how to effectively market to Millennials, particularly using different social media platforms. As different platforms emerge and develop, it is important to understand how they are being used and how they can generate awareness that (hopefully) leads to trial and loyalty among this generation. It is clear that Millennials do act differently from other generations when it comes to social media and product research—it is crucial that marketers have these current insights to execute their plans most effectively.

Be sure to download our Marketing to Millennials report and then email me to discuss how we can help your brand become more relevant to Millennials.

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